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Facebook has become an integral part of life today. We can’t think of a life without Facebook today. There will always be disputed between thoughts about whether Facebook is good or bad but whatever it is, one has to agree with the fact that it has surely taken an important part of daily routine. It is popular among all ages and is not restricted to a special zone only (it is more popular among teenagers though). Here we are going to share some of the best Nepali Status for Facebook. In our Nepal FB users keep looking for new-new status updates in different genres. So here we have decided to cover everything right from funny FB status to love facebook status in Nepali.

Best Facebook Status updates in Nepali Collection

Below are some of the best Facebook status updates in Nepali language. We have partitioned the results as per their genres so you will get your hands on all type of status updates.

Funny Facebook Status Updates in Nepali

माया गर्छु धरोधर्म ढाँटेको त होइन मैले
गाला भरी मोही खाको चाटेको त होइन मैले!
नदिने आइमाई सोमबार बार्छे
पोइल हिन्ने आइमाई नक्कल मात्र पार्छे

Funny Facebook Status in Nepali

Best Facebook Funny Status in Nepali

See smile is coming your way, just entering your body..Ohh found some sort of shield..Let me drive off the shield..shttt shttt..shield finally gone away..far away..smile successfully entered inside your body..it is coming to your face now..smile please and keep same smile on your face forever.

Ekadesh ma euta Budho thiyo usle ek din sapana ma aafu Bachha ma nai mare ko dekhyo.

Love Facebook Status in Nepali

Here we have something for all FB users who are looking for love quotes, wallpaper, status updates. Please find below images to post on Facebook:

Facebook Love Status update in Nepali

Facebook status for love in Nepali

Best Love Status in Nepali

Here are some of the best love status:

Angalo ma badhi gulabi oth chumne rahar 6
Kasm maya ko timro nasa piyer jhumne rahar 6

Tmiro yad le jaleko man kasri po nivaune ho
Timi bina ko yeklo jibal kasri po bitaune ho

College Student Facebook Status in Nepali

College students will most need fb status updates in category funny love only. We have already covered many under same niche but let we add some more to our list. So as college student, you can upload any of the below status on your Facebook Timeline.

Mutuko majhma, hridayako pass ma
sapani ma pani aai natarshau raat ma

लम्फुलाई मेसेज आयोः यो मेसेज पठाउने हिरो पढ्ने जिरो लम्फुले सो मेसेज रिप्लाई गरिदियोः यो मेसेज पठाउने जिरो, पढेने हिरो ।

Kunai shayar kunai kangal bani halyo
Timi lai dekhne aafai tasvir bani halyo
Na fool ko jaruri na kopila ko
Timi jaha kadam rakhchhau tyo Kashmir bani halyo

Good Morning, Good Night Messages in Nepali

Below are some of the best Facebook Status updates that you can post for celebrating/wishing Good Morning and Good Morning on Facebook.

Good Morning Facebook Status in Nepali

Facebook Good Night Status in Nepali

This is all for now, we will cover more Nepali Facebook Status in coming days. Do suggest us few by commenting down here.